For Your Game: 10 Guards by Cheka Man with permission from Strolen’s Citadel

  1. The Snitch This guard is all too ready to tell tales about his fellow guards whenever they break the rules in even a small way. As a result, he is deeply unpopular with them, to the point where one or two sometimes wish they could murder him.

    The rest would not be quick to hurry to his aid if there really was trouble, and wish that he were sent down to guard the oubliette. His superiors despise him, but know that his type might be useful to them. No one knows how he would fare in a large battle.

  2. The Adventurer A frustrated former adventurer who joined the King’s Guard, he finds it very hard to stick to his post. He has secretly explored the entire palace from top to bottom and has investigated many places where he shouldn’t have been.

    If found by other guards or nobles, his excuse is he is on patrol. So far the excuse has worked. Despite his wanderlust, he is an honest man who would never let his friends down in battle.

  3. The Eavesdropper A spy for a hostile power, this guard tends to have his ear pressed up against the door he is supposed to be guarding. He has discovered several juicy secrets, but hasn’t been able to get them out without arousing suspicion. On more than one occasion, he has filched secret plans without anybody finding out.

    The eavesdropper is a more dangerous warrior than the average guard, but hides his true abilities until he really needs them. If the King goes to war, he will try to give battle plans to the other side.

  4. The Braggart Like many of the Royal Guard, he was a former soldier in the legions and has survived several major battles. He has many tales to tell, which he does continually and incessantly, until his fellows can take no more and order him to shut up.

    He has a very high opinion of himself, even though it was merely luck that made the crossbow bolts miss him and saved him from being skewered. Despite that, he is a capable fighter and is good at his job.

  5. The Bored This guard finds being a guard deeply boring, to the point that he wishes assassins or rebellious subjects would attack the palace so he would have something exciting to do. He has dozens of books he likes to read when off-duty (and when he can get away with it on duty too).

    He has fallen asleep on duty more than once and was very lucky his officers did not find out, or he would have been heavily punished. He stays in the job for the pay, but prays daily he can go out to battle.

  6. The Moonlighter This guard moonlights as a bodyguard/bouncer. He has seen and participated in his share of bar fights, and is one of the more capable fighters.

    He also has loose ties to the criminal elements of the city and is willing to overlook certain things for a price, as long as there is no danger the royal children would be killed, kidnapped, or otherwise harmed. He has been known to filch small items, like the odd pair of silver candlesticks, to boost his salary.

  7. The Drugged This guard would be sacked or imprisoned if his superiors knew what he has been doing. He has a severe addiction to potent Silverspider venom, and most of his pay goes to obtaining it.

    When off-duty he has shoplifted, mugged people and burgled houses. When on duty he manages to pretend to be a dutiful Royal Guard, but his days are numbered. Sooner or later he will either die from his habit, get arrested or otherwise mess up.

  8. The Revolutionary This guard is a secret revolutionary. He has a deep hatred for members of the aristocracy, and has made getting this job his life’s work, with the sole intention of assassinating members of the royal family when he gets the chance.

    So far he has been unsuccessful, first because he needed to gain their trust and then because he has never had the chance – other guards have always been in the right place at the right time.

    He did once use poison, but the result was not fatal for the target, who put it down to badly cooked food and sacked two of the royal cooks.

    In battle, he would try and kill as high-ranking a noble as he could. And if he could get away with it, a noble on his own side.

  9. The Acolyte of Ma-O This guard is the best friend of the revolutionary and pretends to him that he shares his ideals. However, he just wants to cause trouble, and if possible, civil war for it’s own sake and for the sake of his evil god, Ma-O.

    On the surface, he is willing, hardworking, and always does what his superiors tell him. Privately, he is wondering if there is some way he could kill several members of the royal family at once and get away with it. In a war he would stab the King in the back.

  10. The Casanova Despite living in a largely sexist country, this guard believes in female equality and is always courteous and interested in female company. He is also good looking.

    His looks and views have won the hearts of many girls, ranging from those of noble birth to poor servants. Many noblewomen have risked being disinherited or worse by having secret affairs with him. He often sneaks away from his sentry box for secret liaisons.


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