Court Officials



High Constable Joab Human Fighter(18) – scale mail, glaive

King David Human Bard of Valor (21) -

Prophet Nathan Prophet – wears robes

Zadok the Priest High Priest for Elturgard. Has rituals.

Zelek Advisor, Tiefling

King David
  • King and wise ruler
  • New King, anointed by the Prophet Samuel.
  • A man after God’s own heart.
High Constable Joab
  • Looks: Blond with eczema, bearded
  • Quirk: Scratches a lot.
Prophet Nathan
  • Looks: Blue eyes, copper hair
  • Quirk: Smooths out clothing
Zadok the Priest
  • Strong involvement in an orphan and widow ministry.
  • Looks: Robed figure with burn scars on right arm.
  • Quirk: Always seems busy.

ZelekLooks: Black eyes, light skin Quirk: Gets in the last word

Court Officials

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